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Porcelain White Teapot | Kinto - LEAVES TO TEA

Porcelain White Teapot | Kinto - LEAVES TO TEA

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All the qualities you love in a cup of premium loose leaf tea should also be reflected in your teaware, as with this sleek white style. Made of smooth porcelain, the simple, timeless style of the body is paired with a curved stainless steel handle for easy transport to and from the table, as well as a flush-mounted lid for aesthetics. The included stainless steel basket settles neatly into the cut-out on the top to effortlessly brew a pot of your favorite blend without ever needing to open the lid.


  • Complete the set with the addition of the matching Kinto Leaves to Tea Cup and Saucer Set (sold separately) for a harmonious tea service look.
  • This porcelain teapot, as well as its included stainless steel infuser, are both dishwasher safe. Dry well before storage to prevent rust or discoloration.
  • Due to the metal handle, this teapot cannot be used in a microwave; it can be used for hot water up to 140 degrees Celsius, or 284 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This individually-sized teapot measures approximately 3.80” high, 6.60” wide, and holds up to 20.28 fluid ounces, or approximately three cups of tea.

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