About Us

Steve Walker SoMo Tea

Hi, I'm Steve from SoMo Tea.

I understand sending money to a random company on the internet is not always the most comfortable thing to do, so a little about us.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, I started my small business in 2015 with the big idea of searching the planet for the greatest tea and designer teaware for our customers to enjoy. We have now created a collection of great tasting teas and some cool teaware. Also, the most exciting part of this is... the search never ends!

At SoMo Tea we love our awesome teas and museum worthy teaware, but we love our customers even more. After more than 30 years with a career in the business of retail and customer service, I learned that we would not have a business without you, our customer. Thank you for trying us. 

Our Story

They liked it at The University of Alabama.... While completing a late in life bachelor’s degree in business & commerce, I entered a business pitch contest on campus. After competing with over one hundred entrants Walker Tea, our first business name, came in first place. I presented a plan for an amazing loose leaf tea company that focused on great tea, modern teaware, and a passion for my customer and it was a hit.

Our Teas 

Sourced from some of the most exotic places on earth.

From Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Africa, and South America come some of the most amazing teas you have ever tasted. We source our teas (Camellia Sinensis) from experts in the tea world including small farmers to century old tea estates. Our fruit and herbal blends (Tisanes) come from the finest orchards and herbal farms across the world. We pride ourselves in our full disclosure of all ingredients and origins of our teas and tisanes. 

Our Teaware

Modern Design. Beautiful. Different. 

With a background in commercial art, I have always enjoyed brilliant design. My goal was to search for modern designed teaware that was functional but worthy as an exhibit of the finest art museums. Created and inspired by some of the most talented designers from around the world we have curated a collection of pieces I think you will enjoy.


Now you know a little more about us. Give our teas a try. Update your teaware. Tell a friend.

How can we serve you today? 

Steve from SoMo Tea


(Text) 502-387-0284