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Japanese Washi Paper Tea Tin | Yu-zen Collection | Kotodo

Japanese Washi Paper Tea Tin | Yu-zen Collection | Kotodo

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Your taste in loose leaf tea is impeccable - you’re here, after all - and at Somo Tea, we feel that the vessel should match your brew of choice. When enjoying a freshly-brewed cup, that means selecting well-crafted modern teacups: when storing your tea leaves, that means using one of these handcrafted washi paper tea tins.


These are no mere tea storage solutions - each tin is a work of art, hand-finished by a skilled Japanese artisan and wrapped in brilliantly-patterned washi paper. Beyond aesthetics, the design was crafted for function that reflects the legendary Japanese love for tea. A deep overlap between the body and outer lid edge carefully keeps out moisture which can affect the taste and quality of your tea. 


  • Each tin holds up to 5.3 ounces of your favorite tea and measures 4.25” tall by 75” in diameter.
  • A snug inside-fitting lid is topped by a convenient knob, opening smoothly without dragging or sticking.
  • Made in Japan by a 110 year-old tea canister company, each tin reflects the unique beauty and elegance of the country through beautiful washi paper and thoughtful design.

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